Oncology Associates of West Kentucky                 

Luis Concepcion, M.D.
Winston Chua, M.D

The Office Experience

What to Expect

When you come to the office, our routine will help to provide you with the best care. Weight, blood pressure and a finger-stick blood count may be a part of the visit. Your medications will be reviewed for any changes since your last visit. ( This is a good time to ask for any refills you might need. ) If you must call the office for a medication refill, make sure you have the bottle in hand so we can obtain the necessary information to call your pharmacy. We have available an immense supply of information about specific diseases as well as all aspects of chemotherapy and it's side effects. We also have computer capability to search for the most recent literature updates in treatment options for your disease.
What to Bring to the Office

Arrangements have already been made with your referring physician to obtain records necessary for your care. We may also ask you to sign a medical records release for additional information. You will be contacted either by phone before your appointment or asked to sign a release when you arrive.

It is very important for you to bring all your medication bottles with you at every visit so we can adjust your medications accurately.

You may want to bring a family member with you to your appointments to provide a back-up if you have questions.

Dr's.Gould, Chua 
and Concepcion
see patients by appointment only, but offer a variety of options for your convenience. We have several satellite offices to help avoid long travel times for physician visits. Our satellite offices are located in Princeton and Benton, KY, as well as Harrisburg and Metropolis, IL. Although we may ask you to make the occasional trip to Paducah, the satellite locations will be used to maximize convenience for each patient's needs.

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